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Welcome to JustWorship.com!
Last Updated: 9/1/2015

Thank you for visiting JustWorship.com. We pray that you will find our resources helpful whether it be for your personal life or ministry.

We invite you to visit Steve Pruitt's blog where you will find free bible lessons which will take you verse by verse through the bible. You will also find articles which are not exclusively worship related. You can check it out at www.lovnJesus.com. God bless!

Think About It: "The church that canít worship must be entertained. And men who canít lead a church to worship must provide the entertainment." - A.W. Tozer

Featured Articles

To the Least of These - Steve Pruitt
"Often in our quest to define certain types of worship we will use terms such as Mosaic Worship, Davidic Worship, Lifestyle Worship, Evangelistic Worship, Messianic Worship and others. We often associate worship with music, singing, dancing, shouting, banners and preaching. Certainly these terms and expressions of worship are valid as we attempt to put into words how we should respond to the God we love, however there may be yet another aspect of worship that is easily overlooked."

Presence - Karen Holland
"If we don't recognize the presence of the Lord in our midst, how can the Lord truly be blessed and glorified? How can Christ dwell richly? Without recognizing His presence, singing is just singing, preaching and teaching are mere words, and everything else becomes just another meeting. It would be like dressing up and going on a special date to a fine restaurant with great food and a wonderful ambience; but yet not acknowledging or engaging the person you are with in a meaningful way."

Free Books Offered by JustWorship.com

In his first book Steve Pruitt shares ideas that he believes are necessary for worship to become a way of life, and not just an emotional experience when gathered with other believers. He writes, "Worship is more than a time slot to be filled on Sunday morning. Worship begins before the music starts, when no one is looking. Worship is a way of life; daily giving oneself to God." Steve mixes personal experience along with a strong biblical foundation to convey Jesus' message that true worshipers worship the Father in spirit and truth. A study guide is included in this book.
In his latest book Steve takes a personal journey back to his beginnings as a worship leader. His willingness to be transparent about his emotions and insecurities of those early days should prove to be an encouragement to those who are struggling with their call. Steve writes, "If you are a "fledging" worship leader be encouraged that God has called you for such a time as this. He is using circumstances and yes, your insecurities, to mold you into the leader he wants." The book also contains practical tips for leading worship.
"Worship Thoughts" is a 50 day devotional designed to guide the worshiper in a concentrated time of intimacy with the Father. Many of the devotionals are excerpts from Steve's articles and are a compilation of the devotionals found on JustWorship.com. Each devotional includes a space for notes as well as additional scriptures for personal study.